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Are Charcuterie Boards a Good Gift?

  • 3 min read

Yes, charcuterie boards are an excellent gift to give a friend or loved one. They are perfect for your favorite foodie or someone who seems to have everything. We bet they have never received a Boarderie cheese and charcuterie gift! Gifting a charcuterie board makes for a fun, elegant, and unique gift for someone special in your life. 

Receiving charcuterie as a gift is fun and often completely unexpected. It makes a great surprise gift item for your friends or loved ones! Perfectly arranged meats and cheeses also make these gourmet charcuterie boards photo-friendly and Instagram post-worthy.

Charcuterie Boards Make Great Gifts

Gourmet meat and cheese platters are a hit at every party and make an excellent gift for any special occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or Valentine's Day. They are the perfect pick-me-up when sending a thank you, get well or sympathy gift. Say congratulations with a prepared charcuterie board for exciting life changes like retirement, job promotion, new baby or new house. Our cheese boards simplify gift-giving, especially during the holidays, so you can skip the lines at the grocery store and don’t need to worry about how to gift-wrap the platter.

Can a Charcuterie Board Gift Be Shipped?

Making your own charcuterie board to give someone may take a lot of work to pack correctly into a box if you plan to ship it. Sending a cheese board requires special packaging to ensure it arrives fresh and cold. You would hate to spend all that money and time putting together a beautiful cheese platter to have it spoil or get disorganized during the shipping process.

Premade charcuterie boards, like those available online at, make gifting gourmet meats and artisanal cheeses simple and convenient with our nationwide shipping services. Boarderie charcuterie boards arrive artistically prearranged and ready to eat or refrigerate. Every order includes beautiful bamboo serving utensils and reusable acacia wood charcuterie board. Each keepsake charcuterie board is shipped overnight and delivered directly to your gift recipient's door.

How Are Boarderie Products Shipped?

Boarderie has created a proprietary technique for safely shipping your charcuterie board that preserves both quality and taste. Each perfectly sealed board ensures each food item's placement and freshness. Our gourmet cheese boards are packed into a temperature-controlled jacket and include reusable refrigeration ice packs cold-shipped to customers nationwide. Your cheese and charcuterie board gift arrives at a chilly 40 degrees and is ready to serve immediately to guests. Remember to save your board for future grazing!

Give the Gift of Ready-To-Graze Charcuterie Boards

Let Boarderie do all the work of preparing a charcuterie board for you! Our artisanal cheese and charcuterie gifts arrive professionally arranged and ready to serve, so no preparation is needed by the recipient to enjoy the cheese gift other than opening the box. Not only do we pack and ship each specialty charcuterie, but our gourmet chefs have expertly curated top-quality cured meats, handmade cheeses and accompaniments. Every ready-to-serve Boarderie cheese board includes sweet and savory condiments such as fruits, nuts, olives, spreads and jam that complement the meats and cheeses.

Gift Someone A Charcuterie Board From Boarderie 

Ordering is made simple on our website. Pick the charcuterie board you want to send as a gift, and we’ll make sure it arrives on time. Never miss a special occasion or holiday again because Boarderie offers the ability to pre-schedule your gift delivery up to one year in advance. We also provide complimentary overnight shipping throughout the US, ensuring your gift arrives quickly.