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We are committed to creating a sustainable global future. We balance profit and purpose. We put our employees and customers first and grow our business to create a cycle of doing more good for the planet and society while we grow. By reviewing our practices, establishing better waste management initiatives, and evaluating our overall supply chains, we are able to take measurable steps to creating a greener future.

Boarderie ships using corrugated cardboard boxes made from 70% recycled materials which are 100% curbside recyclable. Our insulated liners are made from 100% recycled fiber material and are 100% curbside recyclable. Boarderie uses drain safe ice packs which can either be refrozen and reused or
cut open and poured down the kitchen sink while the plastic from the ice packs can be recycled as well. Our bamboo trays and cutlery kits are biodegradable and the Acacia wood boards are a reusable keepsake item. Our cardboard that we receive from vendor shipments is recycled.

All of our excess cheese and meat remainders from the production process are donated twice a week to The Lord’s Place and are repurposed in meals to feed the homeless. Boarderie donates over 300 pounds a week (over 15,600 pounds per year) which will feed 7,800 people this year.

We value our work and being a part of a team that feels like family. We want everyone to have this sense of purpose, that’s why we hire adults with developmental disabilities from The Arc of Palm Beach County. These team members earn the same wages as the rest of the team, and perform necessary tasks such as taping shipping boxes, loading trucks and sorting brochures. We believe everyone deserves the chance to feel part of something and know the sense of satisfaction and purpose that comes with productive work.

All Boarderie packages are shipped overnight nationwide using FEDEX or UPS overnight shipping. Our custom boxes keep the product chilled at 40 degrees for 48 hours or more.

Your delivery should arrive on your scheduled delivery date at the same time as your usual FEDEX or UPS drop off but we do not guarantee any specific time. Boarderie is not responsible for delays on the part of FEDEX or UPS and can not control delays due to weather (although we wish we could!).

Our custom packaging keeps boards chilled for 48 hour in transit and we ship all boards using FEDEX or UPS overnight shipping. Be sure to keep premium package protection on your order at checkout and we will ship out a fresh board or issue a 100% refund if your board is delayed more than 24 hours past the scheduled delivery date.

If you opt out of package protection and your package is delayed, damaged or lost due to shipping carrier errors outside of our control, we will not guarantee a reship or refund.

If you need the shipment for a specific occasion, make sure to have it arrive at least one day early to be safe. FEDEX or UPS can deliver as late as 11PM to some locations. Boards stay fresh for up to 7 days in the refrigerator. If you need to change your delivery date after ordering, please contact and we can do this for you as long as your board has not shipped.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that the delivery address is correct and that the package can be received at the specified delivery address. We do not issue refunds for product that was delivered on time and left in the box for an extended period of time after delivery.

Boarderie is not responsible for customers eating food that is out of temperature and has been sitting out. Our boards should arrive cold. Do not consume your board if it does not arrive cold and please contact our customer service team.

During major holidays, we may add a surcharge for delivery on specific dates.

Some ingredients within the boards contain gluten, including the crackers. Each board is shipped with nutritional information attached.

Our boards are shipped overnight and are chilled at 40 degrees in transit! Each board arrives with 1 or more reusable Nordic Ice packs which keep the board chilled for up to 48 hours.

All boards are shipped overnight via UPS and are delivered Tuesday-Saturday. Delivery is free Tuesday-Friday, Saturday delivery is available for an additional $20.00. For example, all orders placed by Monday at Midnight EST will be made and shipped out on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday. See full delivery schedule below:

Monday Orders by 12AM: Wednesday Delivery

Tuesday Orders by 12AM: Thursday Delivery

Wednesday Orders by 12AM: Friday Delivery

Thursday Orders by 12AM: Saturday Delivery (additional $20.00) or Tuesday Delivery

Friday-Sunday Orders by 12AM: Tuesday Delivery

Email us at with your order number and the correct delivery address and we will make this change as long as the order has not already shipped.

Email us at with your order number and desired delivery date update. We will make this change as long as the order is not already shipped.

All boards are processed in a facility with nuts. Nuts are bagged separately and placed in each tray. They are not in contact with the rest of the food on the board and can be removed as needed.

E-gifts and gift cards are valid for 1 year after the date they are purchased.

1. Ensure that you have purchased Route on your order.

2. Click HERE and use the email and order number on your order to log in. Alternatively, you can go to the Route confirmation email sent to you when your order was placed.

3. If your package was delayed MORE THAN 24 HOURS past your scheduled delivery date, you can file a claim and get a refund or replacement order. Choose DAMAGED and upload ANY PHOTO to go through the claims process. Route will recognize that your package was delayed more than 24 hours and is therefore spoiled (damaged) in transit.

4. If your package was stolen or lost you can also file a claim for this through Route for a refund or replacement.

We source the highest quality cheeses and charcuterie from artisan producers around the world. Our boards feature cheeses, cured meats and accompaniments from Italy, France, England, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Croatia and the United States and more!

Boarderie boards are made with high quality acacia wood and can be saved and reused for repeat grazing!

Cheese and charcuterie is best served at room temperature! Remove your board from the fridge an hour before serving. Once ready-to-serve, remove your board from its vacuum sealed packaging, pour the nuts from their individual bags in the spots where you find them, and enjoy!

You can! Send us an email at or give us a call at (561) 543-2313

Unfortunately, we do not ship to anywhere outside of the United States. We also do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

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Boarderie Gift Cards

Send a Boarderie e-gift card for the amount of your choosing and let the recipient choose their board and delivery date!

Boarderie Gift Cards

Send a Boarderie e-gift card for the amount of your choosing and let the recipient choose their board and delivery date!