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Cheese Lover Birthday Gift

  • 3 min read

Looking for a fun and unique birthday gift for the cheese lover in your life? A quick online search will reveal hundreds of cheese-related ideas, from funky socks to gourmet cheese baskets. You know your cheese-loving gift recipient best! What would they prefer? Something they can use? Something they can wear? Something they eat? An edible gift is always well-received.

Unique Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers

If you're looking for a birthday gift for a cheese lover, here are a few ideas that are sure to delight them:

Cheese Assortment - Put together a selection of their favorite cheeses or a variety of gourmet cheeses from different regions. Include a mix of hard, soft, and blue cheeses for a well-rounded assortment. Boarderie offers pre-arranged artisanal cheese boards with unique selections from around the globe.

Cheese-Making Kit - A cheese-making kit can be a fantastic gift if they enjoy cooking or DIY fun. It's a fun and educational experience that cheese lovers often enjoy.

Cheese Board and Knife Set - Help them showcase their cheeses with a high-quality cheese board and knife set. Find one made of wood or marble and a set of specialized cheese knives designed for different types of cheese.

Cheese Tasting Experience - Treat them to a cheese-tasting experience at a local cheese shop or a guided cheese-tasting event. This is a unique and interactive gift that allows them to sample a variety of cheeses while learning about their flavors and origins.

Cheese Cookbook - Consider a cookbook that focuses on cheese-based recipes. Numerous options are available, ranging from general cheese-themed cookbooks to specific types of cheese cuisine, such as French or Italian.

"Cheesy" Accessories - Look for cheese-themed accessories like socks, mugs, aprons, or t-shirts. These can be lighthearted and fun gifts for cheese enthusiasts.

Remember to consider their specific preferences and dietary restrictions when selecting a gift. Whether it's a selection of their favorite cheeses or a unique cheese-related experience, your thoughtful gift is bound to make their birthday extra special.

Send the Gift of Cheese

When you want someone to have a “cheesy” birthday, the best gift is an artisanal cheese board delivered right to their door! A gourmet cheese treat is an unexpected and unique way to celebrate your favorite cheese lover. Boarderie has several sizes of cheese boards to choose from. They also offer customizable Birthday Cheese & Charcuterie Boards in three sizes. The birthday board includes a set of cheddar cheese numbers that reflect the birthday recipient’s age. Just enter their age when ordering, and you’re all set to celebrate any birthday, including those special milestones. 

Ordering a Boarderie cheese appetizer makes giving cheese as a gift so much easier than buying everything individually. The cheese and accompaniments in each birthday gift are exceptional and are sourcedfrom Italy, France, England, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Croatia and the United States. Your gift recipient will enjoy cheeses not readily available in grocery stores. The best part is each cheese or charcuterie platter arrives fresh, pre-arranged and ready to eat. 

Schedule a Cheese Board Gift Delivery

Want to celebrate an upcoming birthday with a luxurious cheese board? Simply visit Boarderie and start shopping! Choose from any of our cheese appetizers, charcuterie boards or the customizable Birthday Cheese & Charcuterie. No matter which selection you make, you can schedule your gift to ship within the next 365 days so you don’t miss a celebration, special occasion or event!

Free Nationwide Shipping with Cheese Gift Purchase

Not only does Boarderie take the work out of shopping, preparing and packaging each cheese gift, but we also take care of the shipping! Every cheese or charcuterie purchase includes complimentary overnight shipping throughout the United States. Whether you buy one board or twenty, the shipping is on us!