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Santa’s making a list and checking it twice for cheese lovers! This winter, surprise the cheese-loving people on your Christmas list with gourmet cheese. With the popularity of cheese boards growing exponentially, they clearly top our list of cheese gift ideas. Not only are they fun, but they also pair well with most meals or can stand alone as a mid-day snack. However, as a shopper, you have several exciting options for gifting cheese this Christmas season.
The longer your Christmas Shopping List is, the harder it is to think of unique gifts for everyone. Your friends and loved ones only need so many sweaters, candles and ties. It's time to spruce up your gift-giving game with Christmas charcuterie related gifts. Cured meats and cheeses, wine or accessories are sure to be a winning combination for people on your list that are foodies, cheese lovers or anyone that loves entertaining.

Are you looking to send someone an edible gift that's unique and delicious? By now, many people have heard of the edible gift-giving service called Edible Arrangements. They offer cute fruit bouquets delivered to friends, family, clients, and more. While these pretty fruit arrangements make for an excellent gift, high-quality alternatives such as gourmet cheese and charcuterie boards may be a better choice.

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Yes, a charcuterie board is an excellent addition to a Thanksgiving celebration! While Thanksgiving traditionally includes classic dishes like roast turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, incorporating a charcuterie board can offer a unique and appealing option for your guests. They provide a delicious and fun appetizer for guests to enjoy before or during the Thanksgiving feast.
All holiday celebrations revolve around a sit-down meal. The foods served can vary greatly depending on your family's traditions, cultural heritage or even the region you reside in. But Thanksgiving in America is usually reserved for serving turkey. Sides may vary, but traditional ones like mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce almost always make an appearance. It’s time to give the Turkey Day buffet an upgrade. This Thanksgiving, surprise your dinner guests with an unexpected feast of charcuterie and cheese!
The words charcuterie and cheese board are often used to describe the same thing, but there are notable differences between the two culinary platters. One reason for not using the proper names is the pronunciation of charcuterie. It’s a gourmet masterpiece with ingredients that have been carefully curated and then artistically arranged. If you mispronounce it, it’s easy to see that there’s more to it than just a meat and cheese platter tossed together minutes before guests arrive.
Many still use meat and cheese trays or cheese plates when planning food and appetizers for a party or event. Some of you may even recall your parents or grandparents slicing and arranging their party platters. These homemade platters did the job but needed to be more high-quality and visually appealing. Today, as our palettes grow more sophisticated and our food knowledge increases, we prefer carefully curated meats and cheeses sliced and plated with the appearance of edible art. We call this culinary creation a charcuterie and cheese board.

Shopping for a gift for the cheese enthusiast in your life? Let us help you find that perfect present for the curd-obsessed people on your gift list. From artisan cheeses to the perfect cheese slicer, there is something for every food fanatic.

Cheese Serving Accessories

True cheese lovers are not ripping open plastic packages of American cheese. They are enjoying a variety of handmade cheeses and need the tools of the trade, so to speak. Beautiful platters, boards and trays for presenting top-quality cheese are always a thoughtful idea.

Reusable Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Give the gift of a reusable wooden board for serving and enjoying cheese platters with gourmet spread and condiments. The beautiful wood serving board included with each charcuterie board order from Boarderie is made from Acacia wood.

Knives Made Specifically for Cheese

A high-quality cheese knife set would be a fantastic gift, as there are different knives for different types of cheese. Who knew? Proper etiquette states that you should only cut one type per knife when slicing cheese. A well-made wire slicer or planer also comes in handy when enjoying semi-soft cheeses. Each Boarderie charcuterie order includes bamboo cutlery kits for serving.

Give the Gift of Artfully Arranged & Ready-To-Serve Gourmet Cheese

Cheese connoisseurs will love having a beautiful variety of handmade cheeses delivered to their door. Boarderie makes it easy to gift a cheese board. We eliminate all the prep work for you and your gift recipient. Everything is pre-sliced, chopped and assembled before packing. Just remove the carefully wrapped platter and start grazing.

Any gourmand will appreciate the carefully curated cheeses and how they’ve been perfectly paired with nuts, olives, fruits, spreads and jams. Choose from a wide selection of charcuterie or cheese-only boards to send to your favorite turophile.

Cheese Tasting Boxes Shipped Nationwide

Your cheese-loving friend, spouse, sibling or co-worker probably only loves eating cheese but not the slicing and platter preparation part. Don’t worry! We have you covered with stunning, hand-cut pre-made artisan cheese platters. Choose the one you think your gift recipient will love and have it shipped directly to their home, college or job anywhere in the United States. 

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Are you looking for great birthday gift ideas for a meat lover? Before charcuterie became an overnight craze, you had to get creative and repurpose kitchen items like cutting boards and serving trays. Meat and cheese selections were often limited to those once-popular summer sausage gift baskets accompanied by melted cheese and stale crackers.
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