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Send a Charcuterie Board to Say Thank You

  • 3 min read

In today's fast-paced digital age, saying "Thank you" in a thoughtful and meaningful way has fallen out of fashion. A quick post on social media doesn’t pack the same power that a true expression of gratitude holds. However, most people no longer send handwritten notes and are no longer honoring a person's thoughtfulness or support with a proper thank-you gift. 

Sending a thank you gift speaks volumes to the recipient and tells them you care enough to personally acknowledge their generosity or graciousness. This acknowledgment makes people feel good about helping others and more likely to continue to do so when they realize their efforts haven't gone unnoticed. There are numerous ways to say “Thank you,” but a charcuterie board says it elegantly and is a memorable gift.

Reasons to Send a Thank You Gift

There are many reasons why you might feel that just saying thank you verbally isn’t enough and that sending a gift is the best way to reinforce your gratitude and appreciation. Here are a few everyday situations where sending a thank-you gift is appropriate:

Expressing gratitude - A thank-you gift is a thoughtful way to express gratitude to someone who has gone above and beyond to help you or shown you kindness. When you let someone know they’ve made a difference in your life, it also makes a profound and lasting impression on them.

Appreciating a favor - When someone offers a helping hand, whether a small gesture or a significant act of kindness, sending a thank you gift can convey your appreciation and let them know their efforts are valued. 

Recognizing support - When a friend or family member has stood by through a difficult or challenging time, saying thank you with a gift lets them know how much you appreciate their support and commitment to your relationship.

Thanking a host or hostess -  Send a token of appreciation to someone who organized an event or hosted a special occasion to show how much their effort meant to you.

Business relationships - Send a thank you gift to a client, colleague or business partner to show appreciation for their time and effort. Showing you care and understand the value of their time will help strengthen your professional relationship.

Apologizing and making amends - If you've hurt someone, failed to keep a promise or unfairly judged them, then an apology is in order to repair a potentially damaged relationship. Rather than saying sorry for your actions, express your gratitude and highlight their merit rather than turning the focus to you with an "I'm sorry."

The value of sending a thank you gift has little to do with its monetary worth. The significance is that you actively acknowledge a person's efforts to improve your life. When choosing a thank-you gift, consider their preferences and interests to ensure you send something they will enjoy.  

Send a Thank You Charcuterie Board

Brighten someone's day with a beautiful charcuterie board to express your gratitude towards them. Hearing those words, "Thank you," can be said casually, but recognizing someone with a gift has a much more significant impact. Sending an artfully arranged appetizer from Boarderie helps deliver the message of thanks you are trying to convey. Each grazing board is brimming with artisanal cheese and uncured meats produced in small batches from farms worldwide. When your gift recipient unboxes their beautiful charcuterie, they’ll receive the message of thank you for your generosity, help or support.

Free Nationwide Shipping on All Gratitude Grazing Boards

Thank you for choosing Boarderie! We include complimentary shipping with every purchase to show how much we appreciate you. Send as many “Thank you” charcuterie boards as you want, and never pay a cent for shipping costs. Our gift to YOU! As always, we’ll pre-arrange your gift of gratitude and send it in temperature-controlled packaging so it arrives fresh and ready-to-graze.