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How Do You Send Cheese as a Gift?

  • 3 min read

Imagine a package filled with cheese and goodies arriving at your house. What a great surprise! Wouldn't you want your friend or loved one to feel that same excitement? Sending cheese as a gift is a unique snack that can be enjoyed alone or shared. But how can you safely ship cheese? What type of cheese is best for shipping?

How To Ship Cheese

Shipping any perishable food presents a challenge, especially cheese, because it's considered a living food. Cheese itself is not alive, but it does contain living organisms. It's these organisms that give each cheese its distinctive flavor. You must take care of the cheese, so it makes it through shipping.

Step 1: Choose the Best Cheese for Shipping

Some cheeses handle the rigors of shipping better than others. Hard cheese like Parmesan, Pecorino, Cheddar or Gouda can often withstand shipping if appropriately packed. Semi-soft cheeses such as Fontina, Stilton and Roquefort are happy to make short trips and remain ready to eat. Soft or fresh cheeses are too delicate to go far without specialized packaging materials. Shipping softer cheese should be left to the professionals.

Step 2: Preparing Your Cheese Gift for Shipping

Cheese experts recommend that the cheese you send remain in its original packaging. If you must open it (to sneak a taste), it must be rewrapped in cheese storage paper. This technique allows the cheese to breathe but keeps it protected during shipping. Choose a sturdy box. Temperatures can fluctuate as your edible gift makes its destination. Insulation is a must to ensure the cheese arrives in good condition. Remember, movement can easily damage cheese, so pack it securely.

Step 3: Shipping Your Cheese Gift

Once your cheese is carefully packed for its trip, it's time for its send-off. Time is not on your side when it comes to shipping perishables. How long your package is in transit can determine the quality when it arrives. Will it still be fresh and edible? Depending on your chosen carrier, you'll want to check estimated arrival dates to avoid potential spoilage.

While firmer cheese can handle two-day transit, rising humidity and temperatures can destroy it. Shipping early in the week is recommended so your package isn't left sitting in a warehouse unrefrigerated. If you want to guarantee freshness, spring for overnight shipping.

Skip the Hassles of Shipping a Cheese Gift Yourself

Still want to send cheese as a gift but not feeling confident about shipping it yourself? Boarderie can help! Our experts at Boarderie have perfected the art of packaging cheese (and charcuterie) for shipping, so you don’t have to. We carefully wrap the cheese and accompaniments in food-safe plastic to keep everything fresh and in place. The wrapped board is then tucked snuggly into the box with cold packs and an insulated jacket specially designed to maintain a chilly 40°F. Did we mention the free overnight shipping?

Send a Boarderie Cheese Board Gift

We have several cheese boards available for gift-giving. Each board comes loaded with artisanal cheese from small European farms. Our cheesemongers have sampled and selected only the finest cheeses to share with you. Every cheese board gift includes a variety of accompaniments, such as fruit, chocolates, nuts, olives, crackers, and more. The board the cheese arrives on is a gift itself, as it is beautiful and reusable. For convenience, we’ve also included bamboo serveware.

We took all the work out of sending a cheese board gift. Simply choose the cheese board you want to give, select your preferred delivery date, and click checkout. Complimentary overnight shipping ensures your cheese board arrives fresh and delicious at no extra charge. You can also pre-schedule a cheese gift throughout the following year so you don’t miss a birthday, anniversary or other special occasions.

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