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Customized Corporate Gifts for Clients

  • 3 min read

Fostering healthy business relationships is essential for long-term success and sending customers and company partners gifts is an excellent way to express appreciation and gratitude. Letting your company's customers and businesses who contribute to your success know that their support of your brand is not one-sided helps reinforce their desire to continue the relationship.

The intention behind corporate gifting is to build a sense of camaraderie and trust between the company and its clients. It's crucial for the gifts to reflect the value a company places on its customers, so sending a high-quality gift is always a good idea. But what types of businesses should invest in corporate gifting?

Businesses That Send Gifts to Clients

Sending a gift to an existing client is an excellent way for businesses to express appreciation, strengthen relationships and enhance brand loyalty. Potential clients may be swayed to use your services or purchase your products after receiving a thoughtful gift. Many businesses can benefit from sending gifts to their clients, and some industries and situations are better suited for this practice. Here are some types of companies that should consider sending client gifts:

Professional Services Firms - Law, accounting, financial advising, advertising and consulting businesses rely on solid client relationships. Sending a gift to express gratitude for their continued partnership sets your firm apart from the competitors.

Real Estate Agencies - Real estate agents should send gifts to their clients after a successful property closing. Gifts are also an excellent way to thank past clients for referrals.

Marketing and Advertising Agencies - Creative agencies should send current and prospective clients a unique gift to show them how highly valued they are.

Hospitality and Event Planning Companies - Businesses involved in catering, hospitality and event planning can use gifts to enhance the guest experience. Client gifts following the event leave a positive impression and may lead to future referrals.

Health and Wellness Businesses - Gyms, spas and wellness centers can send gifts as part of their loyalty program or celebrate client achievements. Pharmaceutical reps can gift doctors' offices with meals or beverages to say thank you.

Any business that values client relationships and wants to create a lasting impact can benefit from sending client gifts. Thoughtful and well-chosen gifts can enhance client satisfaction, loyalty, and continued success.

Send the Perfect Client or Business Partner Gift

Cheese and charcuterie boards from Boarderie are exquisite gifts for your clients or business partners. These gourmet delights are well-regarded for their high-quality ingredients and delicious taste. They are perfect for showing appreciation to high-value clientele. Boarderie offers a customizable option to engrave your brand or logo directly on each acacia wood board. Paired with artisanal cheeses, savory cured meats and delectable accompaniments, clients will appreciate the attention to detail and the effort invested in selecting a gift that suits most people's tastes. Each cheese and charcuterie board is premade, gorgeously arranged and delivered ready-to-eat to your client’s home or office.

Bulk Corporate Charcuterie Gifts

Sending large amounts of client gifts through Boarderie has never been easier! With the convenience and value of complimentary shipping, ordering charcuterie is a cost-effective corporate investment in client relationships. Simply complete a corporate order form. Visit our Corporate Gifting page; you’ll find everything you need to know, including the individual board costs, discounts and engraving pricing breakdowns. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please call us at (561) 543-2313 to talk to a human!

Treat Your Clients to Charcuterie and We’ll Treat You to Free Shipping

Whether your client is across town or the country, Boarderie will ship your corporate gift nationwide for free. Not only can we save your company time by preparing artfully arranged charcuterie gifts, but we also go the extra mile to create a seamless delivery process at no additional cost to your business.


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