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Charcuterie Board for Engagement Party

  • 3 min read

Getting engaged is an exciting time for any couple. Having a party to celebrate the proposal is not a requirement to get married. Still, it does allow friends and family to rejoice in the upcoming nuptials that the couple will eventually share. Engagement parties are usually the first of many celebrations kicking off the wedding journey and can be a formal occasion like a black tie event or cocktail party. It can also be a casual celebration like a backyard BBQ or a beach picnic. 

No matter how fancy or laid-back your engagement party style is, you must provide food for your guests. With so many choices available, deciding what to serve is hard. Sit-down dinner, buffet style, food stations or just finger foods? Whatever you choose, remember to include charcuterie! Most charcuterie boards offer something for almost everyone in attendance. They pair just as well with formal affairs as they do with casual ones.

Engagement Party Food Ideas 

Whether you are setting out appetizers before the big meal or serving finger foods for a cocktail party, there are many delicious options for guests. Here are some easy-to-eat options that are sure to impress: 

Cheese & Charcuterie Boards - Not to offend the loving couple, but charcuterie is usually the star of the show. With so many choices on one board, meat and cheese appetizers often draw a crowd. They are packed with an assortment of uncured meats, cheeses and sides like olives, fruits, nuts, candies and spreads.

Mini Meals - Get creative! Turn dinner items into bite-sized, shot-glass appetizers to wow your guests. Classic shrimp and grits in small cups, mini grilled cheese in a small glass of tomato soup or chicken satay in a small container of peanut sauce. 

Mini Sliders - Any regular-sized sandwich can be turned into a slider. Meatball parm sliders, traditional cheeseburger sliders, buffalo chicken sandwich sliders, cheesesteak sliders, or pulled pork sliders are all great ideas. The type of bite-sized sammies to choose from are endless!

Caprese Skewers - Transform a traditional Caprese salad into an app! Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and mozzarella on a skewer drizzled with a balsamic glaze make for a fun, delicious and colorful party appetizer.

Grab and Go Salads - Fill individual cups with your favorite fresh salad drizzled with a complimentary dressing. Mini salads make for an attractive yet healthy option for guests.

Crudité Shooters - Most parties feature a veggie platter, but this unique take on a popular finger food makes it portable and sanitary. Fill a small glass with ranch (or your favorite veggie dip) and add some carrot sticks, cucumber, zucchini or celery sticks, and top with a cherry tomato.

These are just some creative ideas to get you started. There are many options to create a fun and memorable dining experience for the guests at your engagement party. Your food may reflect your personal preferences or a party theme. The choice is yours as it's a special day to celebrate your future marriage.

Order Cheese and Charcuterie for Your Engagement Party

Once your celebration is scheduled, you can start planning the food you’ll serve.  Boarderie offers several choices for gourmet cheese and charcuterie boards. They come with an assortment of artisanal cheeses, uncured meats, and goodies to graze on to maximize the charcuterie experience, like gourmet crackers, dried fruit, nuts, chocolates and spreads. Each appetizer arrives prearranged, ready-to-serve on a keepsake wood board. No cooking, cutting or arranging needed!

Send Charcuterie as an Engagement Gift

Perhaps you aren’t the betrothed, but you know someone who has recently popped the big question and want to honor their engagement with a gift. Send the happy couple a beautiful charcuterie board filled with delicious treats they can enjoy together. Simply choose the style and size you want to send, and Boarderie does the rest! Your edible engagement gift arrives fresh and ready-to-eat. 

Free Nationwide Shipping on All Boarderie Appetizers

Every board we ship includes the overnight shipping costs as a thank you for choosing Boarderie. We’ll prepare your cheese and charcuterie board when it's time to ship, never sooner. The appetizer is carefully wrapped and tucked neatly into a temperature-controlled jacket, ensuring it stays at temp, arriving fresh at your destination. Our cheese and meat apps can be unboxed and refrigerated for 7 to 10 days before serving.


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