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Mother’s Day Cheeseboard Gift Ideas

  • 3 min read

What should you buy your mom for Mother’s Day if she loves cheese? Her own cheese board and accessories, of course! Whether your mom loves to entertain or just enjoys creating cheese platters to share with loved ones, gifting her a cheese board, serving utensils and serveware will bring her great joy. Thanks to you, she’ll have everything required for the best cheese-eating experience.

Boards, Trays and Platters for Cheese

Your mom’s kitchen is incomplete without her own beautiful cheese board, tray or platter. You'll find cheese boards in different shapes, including round, square, rectangular or oval. They are available in various food-safe materials, such as wood, bamboo, glass, slate, ceramic or metal. Cheese serving trays can be found in most popular home goods stores or online shopping websites.

When shopping for a cheese server for mom, make sure it's crafted from a food-safe, sustainable and reusable material. A cheese board can be a statement piece, part of the interior decor or just a simple but beautiful wood tray. Ultimately, whichever you choose, your mom will enjoy using her gift to serve and indulge in fine cheese.

Cheese Serving Utensils

Some cheese boards come complete with cheese knives or other accessories. If not, you can surprise mom with her own cheese serving gear, such as cheese knives, spreaders, small forks and tasting spoons. There are a wide variety of cheese cutlery items to choose from, including the popular cutout knives that many people associate with cheese boards. These unique-looking knives have holes that allow soft, sticky cheese to slip off the blade rather than stick to it. For a more sophisticated piece, choose a cheese wire. These are designed not to crush soft, delicate cheeses during cutting.

For semi-firm or firm cheese, include a cheese plane for shaving thin slices. Cheese cleavers or spades are also an excellent choice for cutting hard cheese. Pronged or fork-tipped knives are popular cheese board tools because they are multipurpose and can be used to slice and serve semi-hard to hard cheese. Flat or chisel knives are shaped like paddles and can shave or chip off hard or aged cheese chunks. Cheese forks are handy for holding a block of cheese while cutting or breaking apart hard or aged cheese.

Cheese Serveware

If you want to increase the cheeseboard user experience for your mom, you can also gift her some serveware. Depending on what accompaniments she chooses to pair with her favorite cheeses, she may benefit from dishes or bowls to use with her cheeseboard. You can include pinch bowls, small glass jars and little baskets. These small containers come in handy for holding food items like jam, nuts, seeds and honey. A few slightly larger bowls are perfect for dried fruits, berries, crackers, bread or olive oil. Remember to include serving utensils that fit the servingware you've chosen.

Mother’s Day Cheeseboard Gift Delivery from Boarderie

Want an easier way to get your cheese-loving mom a cheeseboard and all that goes with it, including the delicious cheese? Visit and shop the cheese-only board selections. Each cheese display arrives on a keepsake board with small-batch, artisanal cheese that our cheesemongers have hand-selected. We've even added bamboo cheese serving utensils. No knives are needed because we've done all the slicing for mom!

When the cheeseboard arrives, all she has to do is open the freshly sealed pouch and enjoy! Your mom will enjoy fresh cheeses from around the globe, such as Coppinger, Caraway Cheddar, Cocoa Cardona, BellaVitano Espresso and many more. Accompaniments, like dried fruits, almonds, fig and orange marmalade, are also beautifully paired with the cheese.

We should mention that nationwide shipping is complimentary. Every Mother’s Day cheeseboard is shipped overnight and guaranteed to arrive fresh.